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Our story

Teva was inaugurated on August 2016, in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. It had been the dream of chef Daniel Biron and the entrepreneurs Alexandre and Daniel Oelsner’s since 2010: to offer a complete gastronomic experience to the public, that reflected their philosophy – a vegetable focused restaurant and bar with an innovative and international menu, offering visually appealing as well as delicious dishes. Also offering for the first time in a plant based restaurant in Brazil a full cocktail bar with creative drinks and organic wines, nice music and professional service.

The ambiance has reference of the old and new trends, with an organic and industrial décor, that showcased international concepts as well as the Rio way of life. Teva’s crowd follows different diets and lifestyles and everyone is welcome. Teva success in Rio was so great, that a branch in São Paulo was opened on April 2019.

When searching for a name that represented their essence, the founders searched their origins and culture. Teva means Nature in Hebrew. But it also means: to imprint. And that’s another fundamental part of Teva’s mission: “ to imprint” a positive legacy not only in Brazil’s meat centered culinary scene, but also on the planet through a responsible and conscientious cuisine.

Teva is proud to be the first B corp certified restaurant in Brazil, a certification given to businesses that benefit society and minimize their impact on the planet. Teva praises the relations with their employees, with the community and with the food supply chain.

Teva’s brand combines principles, values and relevance: dishes made to share, with fresh ingredients, 100% plant-based, seasonal, grown locally and organic as much as possible. A contemporary menu where vegetables are the main characters, without meat and dairy nor any animal byproducts such as eggs, gelatine or honey.

At Teva’s kitchen everything is made from scratch: from fresh coconut milk to pasta. The water filtration system is used for cleaning our vegetables, cooking and drinking. Our delivery containers are compostable and biodegradable, and we do not use PET bottles nor straws.

We have an immense pleasure offering these principles in form of food and the best possible experience to our customers.



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