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Real people conscientious of their role, worried about the impact on the planet and advocates of a vegan lifestyle

Daniel Biron


Daniel Biron is a chef and culinary instructor specialized in plant based and gluten-free cooking. He is a graduate from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York City  He worked for the vegan restaurants Candle Cafe and  Candle 79, for the Michelin stared Rouge Tomate in New York; in Paris, he was the chef at the Gentle Gourmet Cafe and in Copenhagen was an intern at NOMA. Biron has participated in international courses and cooked in Colombia, Canada, France, Spain, Thailand and in the United States. He has built his repertoire with a myriad of influences, all present in his culinary style.
He is a vegan himself since 2007. Following market trends and as plant based culinary pioneer, he believes that vegetables should be in the center of the plates as protagonists and not as supporting actors. He explores different cooking methods, textures, colors and the varied layers of flavour that veggies have to offer respecting their seasonality. Using these tools, he believes it is possible to value plants and reverse pre-conceived ideas that people may have of certain vegetables, just in time to reconsider their ideas.

Daniel Oelsner


“Carioca”, a restless and achiever person, whose great mission is to contribute to a more just, respectful and sustainable society, where nature is valued. Graduated in Engineering, he joined his will to undertake with his passion for gastronomy, which led him to create three distinct restaurant brands.
Over time, he got more information about the real issues the world is facing and choose to make changes in his personal life, to get more aligned with the future he believes we should pursue. These changes reflected in its business, and resulted in brands that promote benefits for society and the planet, always focusing on the financial tripod, social and environmental impact. These are the main reasons why he pursued the goal of certifying his businesses as B corps.
Along with business, he has always devoted time to philanthropic organizations, having participated in the creation of some NGOs. It is always a pleasure for Daniel to have a break during the day for a cup of coffee and exchange ideas with friends, partners, collaborators and to meet new people.


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